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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Entering the Castle

Well, we have been Entering the Castle now for 2 months in a row....Great work is being accomplished...and I finally had an insight about who Carolyn is yelling at...those New Agers...and all those folks who think they can discover the Truth of their Soul at a workshop.

I have found, doing this excavating work, reflecting on the material, pondering the questions...that I have been traveling down this road for a long time. I have looked into what Carolyn & Theresa are asking me to look at and think about...many, many times. Yet, each new time I look....wouldn't you know it...I see something new...dah! Wonder why?..... because I keep having new experiences. I keep encountering my issues that need clearing and healing in my relationships. Just in case I thought I could clear them once and for all.....NO!....I am kept humble... finding my goddess-ness, WOW, what a mouthful, in my humanity. Yes, my goddess-ness in my humanity or should I say my hu-womanity.

I believe the reflective question that still calls to me the most is the one about being judgmental. I have been working on healing my judgmentalism and my dualistic thinking since my early 30's. That inner nagging, cranky, hurt, pouty me still harkens for me to let her out. Some days she mumbles and grumbles and screams her accursed nesses not only at others, but at me! Can you believe that...at me...the ultimate goddess.

So on those days I know she needs extra care and love. She needs me so much. I am so touched by her anguish. You see, the reason she mumbles grumbles and screams her judgments is because she deeply feels the crying of those who no longer have any tears to cry. She deeply feels the inner twisting of a mother’s heart who wants freedom for her son. She sees deeply into the fabric being woven by a world given over to greed and fear. She wonders how hope will show itself.

Therefore, she orates yellingly, " Those dirty rotten.!!????*!! How Could They?

How could they grab homes from out under families? How could they send the jobs overseas? How could they lie to us? How could they refuse health care to the babies and the old ones? How could they blame Sam Workingclass for these economic shambles?

How could we have cried PEACE, EQUAL RIGHTS, FREEDOM FOR ALL, LOVE NOT WAR...and have lost so many in the bombings, allowed our children to carry guns, given drugs to our babies, make mockeries of our bodies, and ravage our souls, our interiors with graven images? She remembers and screams!