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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A New Wandering

I wandered into a new realm recently. How about that one? Like I am not wandering into new realms all the time.  Nonetheless, this new realm has proven to be an adventure into the making of the patterns of life for me. I have been a creator of afghans, sweaters, shawls, scarves, hats et al through the milieu of crocheting for some 30+ years...working as a lone wolf creator...existing in my own world of design and creation...much like I have done with my other worlds of meaning all my life, since I have had a difficult time finding those beings of interest who venture into the thinking and creating areas that I venture into.  Now know this.  It has not ever stopped my venturing...it's just that from early on in my life I learned to wander alone and be quite pleased with my discoveries, learnings and experiences.  I now know that I am a guide, a wisdom woman, the one who goes before, like a scout, to lead others.

All that being said, all the justifications being touted for the 'lone voyager' (my, my I sound like a Betty Davis movie) there comes a time in everyone's life...even this wise woman, goddess, guide's life...when traveling with a community of sister/fellow creators becomes a pretty great deal.

In my role as ultimate goddess guide, I created a community for healing and empowerment going on some 12 yrs. now, that has been an ongoing organic milieu for healing, growth and nurturance of body, mind and spirit.

However, my present path has taken me into the world of a community that serves to fill, fuel and encourage me to learn grow and expand in other interesting ways.  I have entered a world of 'knitters' (primarily)...some crocheters and spinners who are absolutely brilliant.  They have taken their art and craft into finer and finer levels of creation and I am at home.   I have found my 'sandbox. These folks are not just making sand castles....but....whole villages, castles, churches, houses, fields, caravans, tents, smithy shops, guilds...all through working the fiber-looping and spinning.

Each time I enter the community, I step into a magical realm of master artists and crafts persons whose lives "Beyond the yarn" are full, fascinating, interesting designs crafted by their own hands.

I feel at home in this new place--welcomed, accepted, being interested in--definitely a 10+ on my empowerment scale.  pj.