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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Unfolding and Enfolding

I wonder sometimes what in the world goes on inside my body-being.  One day sadness mixed with anxiety and another day joy rolled up with hope. Sound bi-polar doesn't it? You know naming something puts a frame around it...a box....if you will,  enabling "it" to be carried more easily.  Have you ever let yourself wonder what 'normal' means...or...'crazy'? We use those words so flippantly sometimes, I really wonder if we even know what we are saying.

I wander around thoughts like this alot when I'm not thinking linearly.  I sometimes wonder how ordinary people live...or if I am really ordinary... or if I'm extra-ordinary... and think this as a way to feel special....Probably. Yet, unboxing my thoughts has been my life's endeavor.

Just yesterday I thought that my thinking has been circling around the same ideas for awhile now. How I need to stretch my thinking and exercise those neural connections and even make new ones. I realize I need to move out of this present box-i-ness in order to grow and discover...and make new neural connections.  My head has not hurt for awhile from the stretching of thought.

However, even this thinking about stepping out of the box is also a boxing of thought too.....How about that!   One box...expanding beyond and creating another box; expanding beyond and creating another box; and another and another....all those increasingly larger boxes...feels like Christmas or one of those Russian dolls.

I think, (here I go again thinking).  I think....Who thinks?...I think...Really?....You think?...NO!...I think!

Who's on first?                 Well anyway, all joking aside...see here I go again.

I think that all this 'boxiness' needs to be more rounded....more like concentric circles expanding...unfolding enfolding, undulating, folding out and then folding back in like kneading dough almost...stretched out and then folded back in upon itself...the...unfolding and enfolding.

Well, I have just experienced the unfolding and enfolding today as a matter of fact.  I believe it was just my day to choose to be with my own thoughts. Something from within held me true to my being today.   

I felt that strange yet familiar something from within take hold of me like a hand reaching up and pulling me in close. As a matter of fact, I felt the stretch of her loving reach earlier in the week, too.  La Que Sabe, the one who knows, the wise knowing one who lives deep within me holds me, reassures me, and comforts me so that I many remain truly connected to myself.

Expanding from within, in the arms of La Que Sabe, unfolding and enfolding, just like making bread.
Is the oven ready?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's been a long time

I have not been here to write anything for some time, however that does not mean that I've been idle. I have embarked on a new adventure into the world of full time teaching...and...what a wonderful adventure it is.  On the one hand, it is a very new adventure; and on the other hand much remains the same.  Somehow I have entered into a vortex of a world that I have already been in for sometime...yet this world within a world is new and exciting and very invigorating. Entering into an 'already been in' world creates a new form; a new way; a new me.  This 'world within a world, inner circle experience' is one that I know is not unique to me.  Others have had this experience as well.

So many times I have heard people talk about the experience of "being on the outside looking in." This is not that. This is an experience of moving more into an 'inner-ness' within an already existing world.  WOW!  Just let yourself think about what that really means. To move into an even more direct, intimate connection; to be taken into something in a new and different way; to gain access to a specialness that you always was knew was there, yet could not fully touch some how.  How many get to have this kind of experience?

I guess you could say that anyone who falls in love has this experience and you would be right.  Falling in love is without a doubt a movement into an inner world of connection that is special and sacred wherein a person feels privileged.

Climbing Mt Everest, watching a Sedona sunset, giving birth, sitting on the edge of a pond, kayaking on the Mononghela River, journeying through a divorce; entering the world of the Fairey King...except for actually climbing Mt.Everest, which I have done metaphorically many times...I am blessed to have been given access to "the inner circle" the "world within the world" many times before.

I've also been privileged to enter the inner world of many people. Perhaps, that's why I was called into my profession.  Being able to enter that inner world of someone's life - a world that is sacred, precious, awesome, holy is a very sacred life mission.

I have been called, yet again, to enter an inner world.  And, as it has ever been when I am called, I answered "YES".  I know that, yet again, I am being called for a very special reason...for a very special healing...for a very special time of empowerment. I answer, "Yes" for me...and..."Yes" for all those I encounter.

What are you answering "YES" to?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

From an ODE Magazine article

Are you using diminishing language in your speech and writing?
The law of diminishing returns is defined as: "A point beyond which the application of additional sources yield less than proportional increases in output." In the same way if we use diminishing language in our speech the effect and power of speech 'yield less than proportional increases' in the effect we are trying to achieve.
What is diminishing language?
Diminishing language is usage of words such as: kind of, but, sort of, just, might, would, could, maybe, probably etc. in your speech and writing. Do you find yourself using plenty of these diminishing words in your speech and writing? The answer is often yes, because most of us are guilty of using these words when we are trying to make a point. The reason being habit, and also a lack of awareness regarding the usage. We often don’t realize that these words are taking away the effect and power from what we are trying to put forward.
Language is the medium of interaction between human beings and has evolved since many centuries down the line. Early man used signs and symbols and the gradually increasing civilization saw speech and writing come into being. To make a point or to put across an idea we use many terms to stress upon what we are trying to say however involuntarily we use words that unwittingly diminish the power of our speech and writing.

Ever tried blowing into a balloon with all your might, not knowing that there is a tiny tear at the bottom that wont let the air sustain long enough and is actually deflating the balloon despite your repeated attempts at filling it with air? The use of diminishing language is like that attempt to blow up a balloon with a tiny tear. It will never get filled with air, never float in the air. In the same way your sentences would never create the impact and effect if you use the diminishing words. Here is an example:
The interviewer: "Are you an expert in your field?’"
The interviewee: "Yeah, I sort of trained for a year and then joined my father’s business."
The interviewer: "Would you be able to handle the client’s demands autonomously?"
The interviewer: "Probably, if I work in this organization, I might be able to do so."
It wouldn’t take a genius to guess the result of the interview. The candidate was shown the door with polite thanks.
It gives a lot of personal power to use the kind of language that is full of strong words such as "I will," "yes I can" and "I am going to do it." In this fast paced world very few people would stop to listen to your pondering words. It will be more beneficial to you and the organization if you sit back in your reclining chair and nurse a cup of hot tea in your hands, if you think "You might be able to do some work."

How does it feel when you ask someone if they could do some work for you and they say "Sure, I will."
It surely sound sweeter and more affirming and reassuring than "I would let you know." It helps to use "I will" even when one is saying, "No. Sorry, I will not be able to do it." Of course with a gentle smile. The person will have more faith in you than someone who says "I am kind of busy these days and might not be able to help you."
One of the most common mistakes when using words that weaken the power of speech is this: misunderstanding that the usage of these words, "sort of," "kind of," add to the fluency of language. When we are trying to make a point and are thinking at the me time while we ponder over the next sentence then instead of allowing reasonable gaps, we rush to fill it with "you know," "kind of," "probably…"
English dictionary defines the word diminishing as:
to make smaller or less or to cause to appear so.
to detract from the authority, reputation, or prestige of.
The point we are trying to make is signified largely in these definitions. The diminishing language detracts from the authority of the speech and cause to appear less effective.
When we talk about great orators and writers with admiration it is because they have the power to impress and announce their words with authority and command. A powerful speaker will never use ‘sort of’ ‘kind of’ in their speech. They will command respect and attention only because their speech is full of power and devoid of diminishing words. Imagine a speaker on the public dais saying "It’s kind of nice to see you all here." Most of us would immediately think "He/she is nervous."
Remember to use to words for power. I have learned that there are three words that really steal away the power of performance from our personal dictionary. These words are: could, should, would. People use these words when there is no ‘intent’ and ‘commitment’ in their sayings and want to slither away from a situation. I have noticed that usage of "I will" creates a magic that begins an inner shift in our own consciousness. By using "can," ‘"will" and "do" in vocabulary more often we send out a clear message to our subconscious that we mean business. Thus, an inner reallocation like this brings about an outer change in the attitude and automatically the words that we begin to use are more powerful and full of affirmations.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I wanted to post something in this New Year, 2011. I have a visceral sense that this year will be one of great prosperity and GOOD changes for people.  So often we want things to change, yet change is one of those crazy enigmas that we tend to desire and resist all at once. I believe our resistance to change is grounded in fear, since for so many of us change has meant something terrible, awful, more suffering or more craziness. 

However, my sense is that the changes we are traveling into are wonderful changes and maybe, just maybe, for some, may be the first time that change= wonderfulness! I can feel the wonderfulness and completeness of this in my being. Sounds crazy, perhaps, but I feel it deep in my soul...a clearing...a settling....a confirmation that whatever our struggle...it has come to a good and fruitful completion.  It lives within me as a good and complete ending of a cycle, so that a new, even better, more wonderful cycle can begin.

Endings and beginnings, both Clarissa Pinkola Estes in her book Women Who Run With the Wolves--Life/Death/Life cycle;  and William Bridges in his book Transitions- endings /limbo/beginnings; and  remember of course, Virginia Satir's 6 step Process of Change- all speak to change/growth.

  Growing up isn't so bad; we may be afraid of it due to our cultural conditioning. Yet, growth, sense of responsibility, stepping into our new life patterns requires all of us to literally 'morph' into a new form, one which we have never yet been.  Remember, as Pascal stated, we are beings who are in the process of becoming...already, but not yet creatures living our life adventures.

So as we all reconfigure let us remember that with each new form, each new manifestation, we need to get reacquainted with ourselves and offer that new self to others.  " A new and improved form"
 and Let the Truth of Your Soul Shine Forth