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Thursday, May 24, 2012

It has been some time since I last checked in on this blog. I have been remiss in my entries...not because of lack of enthusiasm...only because of responding to new opportunities and dream fulfillments.  It is wonderful how life can send opportunities, ones that we have been wanting for along time. I often wondered...Why has it taken so long?...and...How did this opportunity come right now...and not any time before hand?  It has taken me some time to realize that as always the timing is right on target for the person...not too soon and not too late. 

Preparation for the opportunity...getting all the players up and ready for the opportunity...making sure the stage is set just right....and creating the opening...what fine orchestration!
It makes me realize that "MY OPPORTUNITY" exists within a whole world of intricate and beautiful relationships...already evolving and morphing...and "My Opportunity" is really really not "Mine".  My opportunity is really the 'jumping on point' of my involvement in an already moving, evolving organic process of creation that I am now being invited into; waking up to; being asked to participate with in a  particular way that only I can fulfill.

It's like making sauce.  (As you know, spaghetti sauce is my metaphor for life.)

Sauce is merely a part of an ongoing creation...the seeds, soil, sun and water to grow all the plants; the people who tend the gardens who nurture and harvest; the way to get the plants and you together. 

Then, there's the choice of the 'pot'!!!  Ceramic...stainless...cast iron...big one...little one...so many choices...Oh my!

Next comes the  heart and soul of the creator of the sauce.

I love to make sauce and one of the true reasons I love to make sauce is that sauce never allows itself to be made the same way twice.  No matter what the recipe; no matter how closely followed, sauce creates itself.

I participate in the creation of sauce as a humble observer/participant.  I know that I must carefully listen to that inner voice that directs my ideas for what ingredients to use...oregano...garlic...thyme...chopped tomatoes or diced...onions...mushrooms....this time....Yes...No...Olive oil...short ribs...ground beef...turkey....sausage!!!

How shall this sauce design itself this time?

And speaking of Thyme...when is just the 'right' time to add 'thyme'....how much thyme for time???

The who, the what, the when, the where, and the how much are intricate to the creation of sauce...co-creators if you will of the sauce....and lest I forget...the how long to cook.

You see, ultimately, the cooking of the sauce, the adding of the heat, the adding of the energy of fire...is what catalysts the ingredients to release their essences, at just the right moment and in just the right way for the sauce to become..."Sauce".

Opportunity works just the same way...all the nurture and care of all the essential ingredients; all the inspiration and inner listening to guidance and direction...the careful selection of the container...the selection and timing of adding the particulars...the deliberate introducing of the energy...and one thing I forgot...the careful attention and stirring of the cook!

So next time you find yourself asking for a dream to come true or beckoning for a certain opportunity to come your way....Remember.........Sauce!