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Sunday, January 9, 2011

I wanted to post something in this New Year, 2011. I have a visceral sense that this year will be one of great prosperity and GOOD changes for people.  So often we want things to change, yet change is one of those crazy enigmas that we tend to desire and resist all at once. I believe our resistance to change is grounded in fear, since for so many of us change has meant something terrible, awful, more suffering or more craziness. 

However, my sense is that the changes we are traveling into are wonderful changes and maybe, just maybe, for some, may be the first time that change= wonderfulness! I can feel the wonderfulness and completeness of this in my being. Sounds crazy, perhaps, but I feel it deep in my soul...a clearing...a settling....a confirmation that whatever our struggle...it has come to a good and fruitful completion.  It lives within me as a good and complete ending of a cycle, so that a new, even better, more wonderful cycle can begin.

Endings and beginnings, both Clarissa Pinkola Estes in her book Women Who Run With the Wolves--Life/Death/Life cycle;  and William Bridges in his book Transitions- endings /limbo/beginnings; and  remember of course, Virginia Satir's 6 step Process of Change- all speak to change/growth.

  Growing up isn't so bad; we may be afraid of it due to our cultural conditioning. Yet, growth, sense of responsibility, stepping into our new life patterns requires all of us to literally 'morph' into a new form, one which we have never yet been.  Remember, as Pascal stated, we are beings who are in the process of becoming...already, but not yet creatures living our life adventures.

So as we all reconfigure let us remember that with each new form, each new manifestation, we need to get reacquainted with ourselves and offer that new self to others.  " A new and improved form"
 and Let the Truth of Your Soul Shine Forth