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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Boomeritis....Boomeritis....Boomeritis......Boomeritis......WOW!  I just revisited Ken Wilber's book Boomeritis and am finding it both interesting, informative....and very, very, very narcissistic. Of course, we all know that on our way to integral turquoise one must become less and less egocentric...no more greening of America...as we move through the memes.

I continue to be amazed at how brilliant authors and thinkers sum up the totality of the world and draw conclusions.  I am not disputing the conclusion reached. I am just astounded at the process of absolutizing.  I get what he is writing about: about how the green boomers changed the world and all; about how we changed history; how we fought for rights; how we revealed victimization...and more importantly how we now are evolving into an integral level of consciousness---turquoise!

I love turquoise. I have tons of turquoise jewelry, rings, bracelets, necklaces...plus several turquoise scarves.  He says that Clare Graves says ala Don Beck who says that we evolve out of green into yellow then turquoise.

I remember my yellow period: from 1970 to about 1985...my 20's to mid 30's.  Wow, I wonder if I was too young to be yellow...Then I went into my red period....Coming into my own power...allowing myself to get angry just as my therapist instructed.   Then into....well, really,  a maroon period with forest green trimmings...solemnly angry yet equal, I think...It occurred right after my divorce and BA degree and right before Phenomenology.  How about that!  Maroon and green right before Phenomenology and Being-in-the-world-as-such...Marty would be so proud of me.

I do not know how many of you know Marty.  Martin Heidegger, Being & Time...my lover for some 5 yrs. We fell asleep in each others arms many nights during my graduate school days.  I loved Marty and still do.  If the signifier changes does the world volatize?...you ask.  "NO!" I say emphatically.  You can change the sign on the road, yet the road still remains. But it does beg the question: Is a rose by any other name still a rose?

Have I got you to thinking yet?  Or have I lost you?

I would get lost sometimes adrift in a sea of  Being-in-the-World-with-Others-as-such. I think I got lost among the suchness.

When I chance to reflect back over my graduate years, I realized how wonderful they were...all the learning I did.  I miss those times. I felt so empowered.  These days, sometimes I feel like I've not moved in such a long while, like I have a boulder around my foot, dragging along, keeping me from moving more quickly.
I'm no longer willing to move as quickly as I once did given the way I did it...blocking so much out and moving forward with blinders on just to achieve a goal.  Goal achieved, but these days I am questioning my method.

So, I ask you to do the same.  Reflect back. Think of how you moved...where it got you...who came along...who got left...and what price did you pay?????  Was it worth it?  Would you do it again?  Would you change anything?

Then allow yourself to realize......You, Me, Others-Being-in-the-World-as-Such! are evolving Green...Yellow...Turquoise

I always liked turquoise. I have a lot of turquoise jewelry...and... I just recently found my turquoise scarf.

I'm ready.......Are you?