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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Workshop Series: The Family presented at the Aletheia Center

The Workshop Series    “The Family”       February- June 2012

Intense, powerful, and sublime…
John Bradshaw with Pat's interpretation,
Power point presentation…
Poisonous pedagogy, anachronisms, addictions, compulsions, 
Secrets, birth order and traits…
Soul filled journeys with lots of ideas to implement, reflect, and use through time.

Now Bradshaw is awesome make no mistake,
Yet, Pat interwove Covington and Beckett’s, “The Enchanted Forest”
With even more inspiring episodes, interactive learning,
For our conscious and unconscious to awake.

It is always phenomenal for me to see
How much we each develop, share, take in…
Reciprocate, grasp, comprehend…and come to believe.

It's an experience which is so hard to EXPLAIN
Listening and learning at Pat's workshops always touches
The heart, soul, spirit…life's wounds and pains,
Helping to understand, heal and make choices for life changing GAINS

Once again, 
Thank you Dr. Patricia Jameson,
For a wonderful workshop filled with learning, thought provoking, and healing time.   
With love, admiration, respect and awe,  M.G.