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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today, I write

Today, I write...wow... to say that sparks something inside of me that has been waiting to come alive. I have written much over the years of my life...my thoughts, my visions, my feelings. Most of my early writing had to do with pain and anguish over unfulfilled relationships. So much of my life energy spent on trying to figure out what I was doing with this or that person. Thankfully, I am a learner and was taught much through each of my relational experiences and can see how I grew and changed in the process.
Life in the early wisdom days seemed so wrought with thoughts that just kept bumping up against a pre-ordained reality like a bird flying into a freshly windexed glass. Splat! Dazed! Dropped! I had the hardest time trying to understand how others thought; how they made sense of the world I lived in which never made sense to me. All around me the same kind of simple minded...one level...dualistic...fault finding...looking for the lack on the surface of everything....kind of thinking. I remember being a new first time mother, listening to the doves sing their morning identity song...."Who? Who?Who?"...and my response came as wisps of tears falling onto my sweet baby's cheek..."Yes, Who?" So lost was I in those moment between young budding woman and mother that I surfaced not for some eleven years. I found out later from Marion Zimmer Bradley that I really had been captured by the Faery King. Like Morgaine,I had a wonderful experience, yet I knew this was not my home......

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