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Monday, March 29, 2010


I believe we have embarked on a tremendous self/soul journey through our Entering the Castle series. We have now entered the 3rd Mansion with its many rooms...one of which...has us reflecting upon the topic of 'doubt'. In particular, how doubt occurs in our lives and what it represents about our true selves and the purpose it serves for us.

Doubt is one of those creatures that pokes at us whenever we need to return to ourselves...and...ask ourselves, truly, what we desire to be. Doubt puts a veil over reality such that we are drawn into either seeing the world through the veil or lifting that veil. 

Many already know that life appears much more palatable looking at reality through a veil--- muted edges, fuzzy lines, blurs---much like what the world looks like when you are drunk all fuzzy and blurry!

Many remain behind the veil for a long time. Many remove the veil too soon and are in shock and need recovery. Many have the veil yanked off by others....I think this is called disillusionment or "bursting one's bubble???" 

Yet, it causes one to ponder about that bubble...
What do we hold in the bubble view of life? 
What needs to be revealed?...
And...what, just what, appears only in the mist...fuzzy and blurry, in its authenticity.......no need for clean and clear edges.

Dr. J.

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