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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

An MG Poem

Entering the Castle, the latest of Carolyn Myss
A journey of soul searching with writing galore
The intuitive, spiritual guru, healer and journalist
With lots of mansions and rooms to explore

Dr. Patricia Jameson, Ultimate Goddess,
Gives her Interpretation of Myss’ CD/ Book
Giving powerful messages, translating her symbolic sight
More everyday language, images, metaphors,
Self actualization for us to wonder about and write

The power of the word
The thoughts in our hearts and mind’s time
The daily living
And understanding
The insight of Pat and Myss are sublime

The first mansion was extremely ‘humbling’ and all,
It was humiliation that seemed to be the outstanding piece for me and
For many others, that came in the midst of winter months,
Based on past years, winter, and fall

The room of “Chaos”
Now who hasn’t had some???
Life is filled with its challenges
And we all have had big or little smattering mixed in with hardships, transformations,
crisis and just day to day to learn from.

Second Mansion:”God in the Details”
Intuition, temptations, demons, sanctuary, to name just a few
Sabotaging ourselves, staying on course, and remaining true

Third mansion “Surrender”
But enough of that stuff
It was the “Doubt” piece and “Forgiveness”
That for me was so tough!

It’s an amazing journey to be part of
I leave feeling enlightened and so excited to be alive,
I am fortunate to have life’s challenges joys, searches, fears,
Reflections and learning how to use empowerment to survive.

 Pat constructs these extraordinary workshops, capturing the author, touching each of us
Insisting each of our voices to be heard
She makes sure each interact and feel included
And wipes out all thoughts of ever feeling that our ideas are absurd

She uses her existential phenomenology, her gifted spirituality, 
Her knowledge of psychology, her own life course
To explain, teach it, associate it, and image it
Mend wounds from the present and past, while we all try to maintain our energy force.

Pat explains it in Myss terms
Relating it to Virginia Satir, Erikson, Wayne Dyer, Ken Wilbur, Joseph Campbell
Shapario, Estes, and the best of the lot
Psychologists and spiritual leaders
Whom some know of, some that are new, and some we may have forgot

Next mansion the "Heart"
Chakras above the waist, I hunger for more
Can’t wait for the the next seminar to see who will be there
To listen, take heed, do self discovery, and learn what is life’s score
It’s so powerful; it’s hard to explain
To understand it, to live it, to use it wisely 
For our loved ones, families, in workplaces, with friends
More freedom, less fear, less hurt and less pain.

Pat” the ultimate goddess
The teacher, therapist, visionary,
The healer, friend, soul guider to me, and of our time
She facilitates, reminds us, challenges us, and calls on us,
“To Remember the Truth of our Souls
 To go forward, send out our own light and make each of us to SHINE!

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  1. Awesome poetry. I certainly want to read these books the poem is based on! Great work!!