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Monday, October 27, 2014

Stardate 2014

I believe so many people live in distraction and on the surface of life, but are truly searching for something that does not exist there. So much to do...so many distractions... our daily lives become a series of events to pass through without much thought.

Who these days takes the time to consider "meaning" and "truth" and "the beautiful".  How many people really know how to establish intimate relationships? Oh we all talk like we know intimacy...but really we just know how to find out what we share in common and call that intimacy.

What happened to vulnerability?  What happened to listening to another human being speak for more than 10 minutes without being distracted by the cell phone. If you told us 10 years ago that we would all be walking around bound to a small device that we could not set down, nor move away from, that would control our thoughts, our desires, our time...we would not have believed it.  We live in America...the home of the Free and the Brave....really!!! 

Free!!!How can anyone claim to be free when tethered to a cell phone.

And the young ones...they are truly caught in the cell phone web and think they are free.

What poses for intimacy these days is people sitting at a table supposedly sharing  meal while all looking at their cell phones because the cell phone gods get mad if not attended to every minute. 
Talk about mind control....I wonder how many of us are able to go one day without having a cell phone on our person.

We are living addictions. Cell phones are replacing cigarettes and are far more compelling. The effort to escape the here and now; to escape feeling vulnerable; to escape true connection has been satisfied.
Captain's Log, Stardate 2014 ....we bravely go to strange new worlds for $100plus/month, unlimited voice, text and data plans.

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