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Friday, June 5, 2009

Birth Stories

I just renewed my involvment with the Joseph Campbell foundation. An interesting process since when I went to sign in I found out that someone named "Jjazzlady" something or other from Australia had my user name. What a surprise to discover that another half way round the world has my user name...only on the internet. But anyway, after many failed attempts, I managed to become an associate and journeyed into some posted discussions. The one I found interesting had to do with Birth Myths.

Now, for anyone who knows me, me and myth are synonymous. Life is a story. Humans are living narratives...authors of our existence (except when we let others author our lives). Yet, nonetheless, we do the writing. We star in the living drama called our life. We set the stage; find the props; call forth the other actors; write the script; direct, edit; and otherwise produce our 'realized narrative' called "My Life". Many acts to this play..or..chapters to the book....the metaphors are endless. (I personally like to jump betweeen several at one time.)

So, I responded to a discussion on birth stories as folllows:

I think birth stories, myths are the template for life, at least for my life. I have heard and lived the birth story told to me by my family...one of excitement, anticipation, and joy over my mother's delivery of me. One of no pain experienced by my mother due to the doctor's use of forcepts...and many other 'enlivening' details. This story helped me to carve out a life of being a "goddess' in process which has been a very rich and exciting life adventure.

Then I grew into adulthood and discovered cultural myths i.e. the stories told and handed down with all cultural judgments interwoven about unwed mothers, teen preganancies, adolescents having babies. My mother had just turned 19 when she delivered me...18 when she got pregnant. Wow!

I had an ah-ha moment that has lasted for many years. I have come to understand with much more depth, and I must say, at times, some anguish, the intricacies of our relationship...my mother and I...when these 2 myths met.

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