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Friday, June 5, 2009

To E with Love

I have been involved in a woman's life long distance. I have met her joys; lived her anxieties; mourned her losses; understood her struggles...and... from miles away....prayed, loved and sent her light.

Now, like most of us she embarks on a new journey.

Funny how so often we pray for change, adventure, new things, and "Poof" like magic it appears. The Painted Lady at the carnival inviting us into the fun house, into a ride into the darkness where odd and sometimes bizarre images pop out. Some of us come out laughing and others come out crying. Life is like that-a concoction of joys and sorrows conjuring up an image of a laboratory with all sorts of beakers and maybe, just maybe cauldrons bubbling, boiling and wafting smoke.

The Painted Lady calls us. We think she is just a muse for the carnival. Little do we know she is the Goddess of the 'dark' taking us to those places we dare not go on our own. She willingly accompanies us when we summon her; and summon her we do when we embark on journeys into the unknown.

How do we face the unknown? We have all been taught, practices handed down from the ages to proceed toward the unknown with trepidation. Yet, when Dorothy followed the yellowbrick road to OZ and finally met the great and powerful wizard, she discovered through the help of her animal friend that the great and powerful wizard was just a simple man operating a smoke machine.

Isn't it funny how, sometimes, simple men operate smoke machines??? Just a thought.

Now, the message for Dorothy was that her truth, her home, lived within her.
"Believe in yourself, imagine your home, click your heels three times and there you will be,"
said he.

Or, for a more religious version,
After the whale spit Jonah out on the shore, the Angel of God, a Painted Lady, I believe, pointed and said, "Ninevah is that way!"

So Ms. E, your journey has begun. Put on your goddess ware: blue eyeshadow, bangle bracelets, and your tie dyes, remember to take your zills and shuffle your fip flops to Ninevah..........and while you're shuffling...Remember the Truth of Your Soul!

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