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Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's been a long time

I have not been here to write anything for some time, however that does not mean that I've been idle. I have embarked on a new adventure into the world of full time teaching...and...what a wonderful adventure it is.  On the one hand, it is a very new adventure; and on the other hand much remains the same.  Somehow I have entered into a vortex of a world that I have already been in for sometime...yet this world within a world is new and exciting and very invigorating. Entering into an 'already been in' world creates a new form; a new way; a new me.  This 'world within a world, inner circle experience' is one that I know is not unique to me.  Others have had this experience as well.

So many times I have heard people talk about the experience of "being on the outside looking in." This is not that. This is an experience of moving more into an 'inner-ness' within an already existing world.  WOW!  Just let yourself think about what that really means. To move into an even more direct, intimate connection; to be taken into something in a new and different way; to gain access to a specialness that you always was knew was there, yet could not fully touch some how.  How many get to have this kind of experience?

I guess you could say that anyone who falls in love has this experience and you would be right.  Falling in love is without a doubt a movement into an inner world of connection that is special and sacred wherein a person feels privileged.

Climbing Mt Everest, watching a Sedona sunset, giving birth, sitting on the edge of a pond, kayaking on the Mononghela River, journeying through a divorce; entering the world of the Fairey King...except for actually climbing Mt.Everest, which I have done metaphorically many times...I am blessed to have been given access to "the inner circle" the "world within the world" many times before.

I've also been privileged to enter the inner world of many people. Perhaps, that's why I was called into my profession.  Being able to enter that inner world of someone's life - a world that is sacred, precious, awesome, holy is a very sacred life mission.

I have been called, yet again, to enter an inner world.  And, as it has ever been when I am called, I answered "YES".  I know that, yet again, I am being called for a very special reason...for a very special healing...for a very special time of empowerment. I answer, "Yes" for me...and..."Yes" for all those I encounter.

What are you answering "YES" to?

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